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The Best Priced Energy Performance certificates for Selling and Letting your Property In Preston, Chorley, Leyland and surrounding Areas

  • EPC for up to a 4 bedroom property only £40 no vat

  • EPC for a 5 bedroom property £45 no vat

Order Your EPC in 2 easy steps..

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Mahoney Gray Surveyors will confirm your appointment by email and we will email you your certificate within 24 hours of the survey. Mahoney Gray Surveyors will send a copy to your agent if you wish us to, and we lodge a copy with the Land Registry. No extra fees or hidden costs the fixed price is all you pay. We only use Government accredited assessors. We hold Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance. We offer a fixed fee and aim for a 24 hour turnaround from inspection for residential EPCs

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Please note the prices for Commercial EPC and Asbestos Surveys are From... please call for further details and a fixed quote for 1 of our surveyors.
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A Certificate Guide for Landlords and Sellers

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
All properties for sale or to let require an EPC from 1st October 2008 in England and Wales. From the 1st October all properties on the market for sale or to let will require an Energy Performance Certificate by law in England and Wales. Most sellers will already have an EPC as part of their Home Information Pack (HIP) so will have nothing more to do. However, those sellers who have been marketing before HIPs were introduced and did not require a HIP, will need to purchase an EPC or face a fine. Exempt sellers still do not require the HIP but do require the EPC, However the certificate (EPC) remains valid for selling your property for 1 year or whiles the property is continually marketed (so if your EPC is over a year old then you may be asked to prove that you have ¬úcontinually marketed the property with an agent.) Landlords will only require an Energy Performance Certificate for properties being marketed for rent from 1st October 2008. Properties which already have a tenant before 1st October 2008 will not require an EPC until the property is available for rent at a later date. The EPC is only required for properties that are self contained, and is valid for 10 years. Energy Performance Certificates are part of a European law to make consumers more aware of how green a building is. An EPC has two ratings. The Energy Efficiency rating which measures how efficient a building is, and the Environmental Impact rating detailing the CO2 impact.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates
Commercial or Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (NDEPCs) are now required on the construction, sale or new lease of all commercial properties. This also includes: - Sales by liquidators/receivers - Inter-company transfers - Sales and leasebacks The commercial EPC will provide the energy rating of a building, giving information on the carbon consumption of the building and how to make any potential savings on their energy costs, enabling the purchaser or tenant to make an informed decision as to the energy efficiency of their investment. The Commercial EPC contains an assessment of your building and the services used, and using Government approved software the agent is then able to produce an Energy Performance Certificate and a Recommendation Report, giving suggestions on where improvements could be made to both the building fabric and the heating, cooling and lighting systems used, along with payback periods for each. The following properties are exempt from Commercial EPCs: - Free-standing (completely detached) units under 50sqm - Temporary buildings - Places of worship - Where a building is due to be demolished by a prospective buyer - Industrial sites, workshops, non-residential agricultural buildings (where not air conditioned or fully heated/cooled) .

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